6 key things to take note before renting a yacht
6 key things to take note before renting a yacht

Imagine you’re planning a birthday party. You want it to be extra memorable, and somehow renting a function room or hosting a chalet just doesn’t quite cut it – most people would probably do that. Why not rent a yacht for that birthday party?

Yachts are often thought of as commodities for the rich, with yacht parties commonly portrayed by the media as upper-class luxuries.

Complete the picture with some gourmet hors d’oeuvres and you’ve got the image of an upper-crust rich person party.

But things are different now – you can actually live out the fantasy of a yacht party in Singapore in the same price range it takes for you to rent a chalet.

Yacht rental in Singapore: Should you rent a yacht for your event?

A yacht charter is a refreshing change from having your event inside a hotel, chalet, or even an event hall. Instead of being stuck indoors, you get to go outdoors and take in the sea breeze and enjoy being away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

If you’re planning a yacht rental in Singapore for an office function, you can do away with uncomfortable suits and formal wear, and dress down in shorts and slippers. 

There isn’t any limitation to the kinds of events for yacht rentals, but some of the most common events people charter yachts for include:

  • Wedding & Solemnisation
  • Corporate retreats / Events
  • Celebrations
  • Gatherings for friends and/or family

Whether you’re looking at planning a yacht party in Singapore or holding a corporate retreat, some yacht types are more suitable for certain events. 

Making yacht rentals in Singapore easy

Yacht rental in Singapore wasn’t always this easy. 

Let’s say you wanted to do a yacht rental for one day to enjoy a yacht dinner in Singapore, you often had to rely on trawling forums, or word of mouth. Yachtly is a platform that works closely with yacht owners to create a hassle-free booking experience, and we offer some of the cheapest yacht rentals around.

Each yacht has its own dedicated page that gives in-depth information, along with high-quality photos of both the exterior and interior.

Details such as what sorts of events the yacht is suitable for, its amenities, and how many people it can accommodate are all available at a glance. All rental includes a captain and a crew. We currently do not provide bareboat charters. 

Yacht rental in Singapore: All under 10 minutes

It used to be that when you wanted to rent a yacht, you’d have to fill up a form, submit it, and wait at least one working day to hear back from the rental company. 

Times have changed, with Yachtly’s instant booking approval, you no longer need to wait for a booking confirmation. The availability of the yacht is immediately viewable on the yacht’s page, as is the yacht rental price. You can make your decision without waiting. 

Simply choose a date, the duration of your event, and how many guests are going. There’s also a live chat function, should you have any questions regarding bookings or additional services.

How do you rent a yacht with Yachtly?

Are you all set to get a booking for your yacht? Here’s how you can go about doing it.

First, you’ll want to determine what your yacht rental is for. If you’re not sure what type of yacht best suits your event, that’s okay – you can let our data and experience choose the right yacht specifically for you. 

For example, if your yacht rental in Singapore is for a wedding and solemnisation, a catamaran is highly recommended. Catamarans are more stable and have more deck space due to its twin-hull design, making them suitable for the young and elderly. 

If you’d like some time to decorate the yacht before your event, up to half an hour can be allotted. If you need more time, you’ll need to book the yacht for a longer period.

Of course, bookings don’t have to be strictly celebratory – you could rent a boat to go fishing in the waters of Singapore if you wanted.
Organising a yacht party is simple. All you have to do is to follow these steps, starting from our homepage.

Organising a yacht party is simple. All you have to do is to follow these steps, starting from our homepage.

1. Click on the ‘Get Started Now’ button to go to the booking page 

Banner image in yachtly homepage
Rent a yacht for any occasion

2. Choose the kind of event

Occasion category selection for yacht rental
Choose your occasion

For a more customised event, you can click on the ‘Customised Occasion’ page to create an itinerary that’s tailored to your liking. 

What's included in the occasion selected
What is included in your yacht rental

Once you’ve read through the offerings for each type of occasion, you can look at a summarised list of what is provided at the bottom of the page.

If you’re satisfied with the itinerary, click on the ‘Pick This Occasion’ button and you’ll be led to the next page.

3. Booking the date

First, choose the desired month or year that you wish to book your yacht.

Year and month selection for yacht booking
Pick the year and month you’d like to rent the yacht

After you have chosen your month/year, you’ll need to pick the specific date you want to sail.

When that is confirmed, click on ‘Next’.

Date selection for yacht booking
Select the date you’d like to sail

4. The number of guests 

The yachts that you can choose from will depend on how many guests will be onboard during your event. In the event your headcount isn’t finalized, you can add more guests first. 

Once you’ve decided how many people will be sailing, click on ‘Next’ to go to the reservations page.

Estimated number of people expected onboard on the yacht
We will be recommending boats based on the number of guests

5. Choosing your yacht 

We shortlist yachts for you depending on how many people are attending your event. You can still modify the date and number of guests even while browsing, so don’t worry.

Yacht recommended and its prices
See our recommendations and select a yacht for more details

Note that different yachts have different docking locations. 

Once you have selected your yacht, click on it to proceed with your yacht booking. 


Start time selection for yacht rental
Choose your start time

6. Book your time slot 

This is where you choose the start and end timings of your charter. You can also review the recommended itinerary, the yacht’s onboard facilities, and any reviews left by previous guests. 

End time selection for yacht rental
Select your end time, each booking is a minimum of 4 hours

Our yachts usually cruise two to three times a day in pre-determined time slots, and each booking is in 4 hour blocks or more. You’ll also need to specify the duration of your event. Yacht owners give discounts if you rent the yacht for more hours. You can also have an overnight stay if you’d like – subject to availability. 

Remember that each yacht must be booked for a minimum of 4 hours, and that prices may vary according to the time of the day.

Some tips we have when choosing a time for your rental: 

  • Mornings are cooling and the waters are usually less busy. 
  • Afternoons are great for those sun-seekers looking to work on getting their perfect tan. 
  • Evening charters provide the perfect backdrop to a romantic night out on the yacht. Top it off with a dinner under the stars, and see the lights of Singapore’s skyline.

Once you’ve chosen your desired time slot, click ‘Proceed to Choose My Add-Ons’ to head to the next page.

7. Choosing your add-ons

Add-ons selection and booking summary
Add-ons like BBQ, jet-ski rentals and catering services can be easily rented

If the yacht offers a BBQ service, this is where you select it for your charter.

For BBQ, the minimum order is for 12 pax, and will include all the requisite accessories, cutlery, and preparation.

If you don’t need any add-ons, you can skip this step and request the booking. 

8. Fill in your personal details

Contact information for yacht booking request
Fill in your contact details and request to book the yacht

Fill up the required information and submit it to Yachtly, and you’re done! 

If you need more information regarding renting a yacht, you can check out our FAQ here. Feel free to contact us for event planning as well. 

What’s on the sailing itinerary?

The usual itinerary goes something like this:

  • Meet the crew 15 minutes before the charter
  • Safety briefing before setting course
  • Begin sailing towards the Southern Islands
  • Anchor at Lazarus Islands for water activities
  • Food and beverages will be prepared by the crew (if applicable)
  • If city skyline cruise is included, we’ll cruise to the Marina Bay Sands area to enjoy the view before returning

If you’d like to plan your own itinerary, you may do so – however, given the restrictions in Singapore, the destinations we can travel to will be of similar nature. 

Book a charter and get ready to sail the high sea of Singapore.
Get started to book a yacht

What can you do onboard a yacht?

Plenty! Every yacht comes equipped with an icebox and fridge so you’ll have cold drinks at the ready.

Most of them will also have a sound system for your favourite tunes, and others come equipped with an indoor karaoke setup. For those who simply want to relax, you can always lounge on the sundeck and work your tan.

You can also opt to dive into the sea and hone your swimming skills. For those who aren’t terribly keen to get wet, you can explore the Lazarus and St John’s islands. Outside of renting a ferry to sail to these islands, it’s not every day that you can come across pristine, empty beaches.

If you ordered food or barbecue as an add-on for your charter, the crew will prepare it while you and your guests enjoy themselves and relax.

How much does it cost to rent a yacht? Check out this guide.

Not renting a yacht for your own event?

No worries – why not join one of ours? We have events such as Whiskey Wednesdays – an all-encompassing whiskey tasting experience onboard the luxury yacht, The Sunreef Supreme.

Get a chance to sample premium whiskies from all around the world, and relax away from the rush of the city. 

Enjoy a fun evening of whiskey tasting on board one of our gorgeous luxury yacht
Enjoy a fun evening of whiskey tasting on board one of our gorgeous luxury yacht

We also host a yacht rental series on special events such as National Day. You can take your family and friends out for a leisurely cruise around Sentosa and enjoy the fireworks from an entirely new perspective. 

Other events we host include a Mothers’ Day celebration, where you can treat your mother to a special one of a kind experience.

We’re working on expanding our repertoire of events, so stay tuned!

Yacht rentals: Types of yachts you can rent

Depending on your event, the type of yacht you’ll want to charter will vary. Having a little understanding of the types of yachts will help you make better decisions when booking a yacht.

Each yacht has its own set of features, and some will suit your needs more than others. Certain yachts can accommodate more people on board, making them great for larger gatherings like parties or corporate events. Others are more trimmed down and sleeker in profile, which makes them ideal for long-distance cruising.

On Yachtly, you can get either monohull (single-hull) and catamaran (twin-hull) yachts. 

Two main types of yachts


A catamaran yacht consists of two hulls joined by a frame. They can be sail- or engine-powered. They have two engines, one in each hull. This twin-engine configuration makes a catamaran easier to dock, and most modern catamarans can do 360 degree turns within their own length.

Between a catamaran yacht and a monohull yacht, a catamaran is much more stable – they don’t rock and roll in the same way monohulls do. This is a big plus for families with younger children or elderly people, since they may not be as steady on their feet.

Since a catamaran is less susceptible to wave actions, it’s easier to walk around the deck and interior of the yacht while it’s moving. Those who are prone to seasickness will feel less of the motion compared to a monohull.

Our power catamaran - Leopard 51 - can easily accommodate 33 guests
Our power catamaran – Leopard 51 – can easily accommodate 33 guests

Catamarans generally provide far more living space compared to monohulls of similar sizes. Their cabins are often more spacious, and the galley, main salon and dining areas are usually above water level.


Monohull yachts, as their name implies, are yachts with a single hull. Like catamarans, they can also be sail- or engine-powered. Monohull yachts can tack quickly and are highly manoeuvrable. These yachts also cut through the water effortlessly, leading to a smooth and tranquil sailing experience.

Our monohull – Leviathan 88 – features three staterooms and two heads and can accommodate up to 22 guests

Monohulls are perfect for those who enjoy a more adventurous sailing experience, especially when you get to experience a monohull heeling. 

Now that you know more about the types of yachts, it’s time to find out about the do’s and don’ts of chartering one.

Top ten things to note when renting a yacht in Singapore with Yachtly

As with most things in life, renting a yacht doesn’t come without its own set of guidelines and rules. Each yacht will have its own set of rules that guests should follow. The one rule in common across all yachts is: Always listen to the captain, and don’t commit any rash or irresponsible acts. 

1. Are there any hidden costs?
No. The price covers everything under “What is Included”. Any add-ons are just that – add-ons, the prices of which will be listed when you make the booking. 

2. What happens if I need to cancel my booking?
Each yacht has its own cancellation policy. You can view our cancellation policies here.

3. What happens if I need to change my booking after confirmation?
Get in touch with us and we’ll help you out.

4. How do I know if my booking is confirmed?
You’ll receive a confirmation email with your booking reference, and all details pertaining to the charter.

5. What is the difference between “Instant booking” and “Request to book”?
The difference between the two is whether you’re guaranteed a yacht at the date and time you’ve chosen.

6. Can I cook onboard the yacht?
No – due to insurance policies, all cooking can only be done by the yacht’s crew.

7. Can I bring my own food and drink?
Yes, of course! We don’t charge corkage fees either. Please bring your food into the Marinas yourself, since external vendors aren’t allowed to enter.

We also encourage responsible drinking. If you are planning to bring red wine, be extra careful with it – spillage of red wine will stain the decks of the yachts, and there is a penalty imposed when that occurs.

8. Do I have to bring my own cutlery?
If you’re bringing your own food and drink, you’ll have to bring your own cutlery. If you ordered food through us, then we’ll provide it. Please also bring disposable plastic cups, since the yacht may run out of supplies. 

9. Do I need to bring anything else for the charter?
We recommend you bring a spare change of clothes and towels, since a lot of the activities onboard will involve water.

10. What are your terms and conditions?
For all the legal details, check our page here.

Other FAQ’s

Is there mobile phone coverage on the yacht?
Yes; you should have mobile coverage for the entire duration of your itinerary. The signal at Lazarus Island can be intermittent, but it’s generally workable.

Can I have different amenities than the ones listed on the yacht’s page?
Unfortunately, no – these amenities aren’t transferable between yachts.

Can I bring my pets onboard?
Sadly, no – pets are not allowed onboard the yachts.

Can I sail non-stop?
No. The yacht rental fee includes fuel only for the itinerary. The yacht also has to anchor in order to prepare water toys and any food you ordered.

Can I stay overnight on the yacht? 
You can! Please drop us an email at hi@yachtly.com.sg to find out more.

What if the weather is bad?
Singapore’s tropical climate means that sometimes, thunderstorms and passing showers occur. 

If rain happens, the charter will proceed since there is no impending danger to property or any lives. If the rain develops into a thunderstorm, we’ll delay the charter for up to an hour. 

If the weather doesn’t clear up, we’ll reschedule your charter to a mutually agreeable date and time. We recommend contacting your captain to get an onsite assessment of the weather.

Can I ask for more water toys?
At the moment, you can only request for additional water toys if the yacht has them. We’re working on making more water toys available in the future.

What’s included when I have the BBQ service add-on?
The yacht’s BBQ service is a nominal fee for the crew to set up the pit, cook and serve the food, as well as cleaning it up after.

This service doesn’t include the actual food for the BBQ, though – you can order it through us, or bring your own. 

What kind of food do you provide?
While we don’t prepare food in-house, we’ve partnered with reputable catering companies who are Halal-certified such as Neo Group.

We offer two categories of food: Cooked food, and BBQ food. If you order cooked food, it will be prepared by the catering company and sent to the yacht in takeaway containers. 

For BBQ food, the ingredients will be sent to the yacht and cooked onboard. Before ordering BBQ food, check if the yacht you’re renting provides BBQ rentals.

What about safety onboard the yacht?
Prior to setting sail, the captain will give a safety briefing. It is important to listen to this to prevent any accidents. In the event one does occur, you should inform the captain immediately. 

What kinds of safety equipment does the yacht come with?
All safety equipment onboard each yacht is regulated by the Maritime Authority of Singapore. They include but are not limited to: life vests, communication and navigational equipment, among others.

Are children and pregnant women allowed onboard?
Yes! For pregnant women, it’s best that you are in good health so that you can enjoy the trip. For children, there are no age limits – let us know how many children there will be so we can prepare the appropriate number of life vests for them.

Is smoking allowed onboard?
Rules regarding smoking are different for each yacht. As a general guideline, smoking is only allowed in the rear of the yacht after it anchors. The captain will cover the do’s and don’ts in their briefing.

If you need more information regarding our policies for renting a yacht, check out our FAQ here.

Otherwise, why not head over to our listings and find yourself the perfect yacht?

Don’t want to put a hole in your wallet for a yacht charter? Check out our guide to cheap yacht rental in Singapore. 

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