Chartering a yacht for your company corporate retreat is a good way to reward your team
Chartering a yacht for your company corporate retreat is a good way to reward your team

The end of the year marks the season for festivities like Christmas or New Year’s Eve, and for companies to thank employees for their hard work through company corporate retreat and events.

If you happen to be organising such an event, you may be wondering, “Where can we go for a company corporate retreat in Singapore?”

This can be tough. There are just so many venues and tons of options for company corporate retreat, but none of them stands out in particular.

Company corporate retreats are usually organised at chalets, event halls or getaways to nearby islands. Perhaps you’ve tried doing something different, like planning camp activities or a sports day, but have you thought of organising a corporate yacht retreat?

If you’re stuck for ideas, why not consider holding it on a yacht? 

It’s a relaxing way for your team to blow off steam together. It’s also a unique experience to gift your team for their hard work all year round. 

Why charter a yacht for company corporate retreat?

Renting a yacht is often perceived as a luxury and only fit for grand occasions such as weddings or private business events. 

However, things are not like before. More people are renting yachts for celebratory occasions and short getaways with their friends – and you can do the same with your company.

While it’s not exactly a ‘budget’ getaway, yacht rentals have become increasingly affordable and readily-accessible. The price of yacht rental is almost equivalent to paying for a 3d2n stay at a hotel, so why not hold a company retreat off-shore instead? 

Benefits of organising a company corporate retreat in Singapore on a yacht

1. Reward your team with a unique experience 

Compared to retreats held on land, a yacht retreat can offer everyone a unique and entirely different experience.

Imagine barbequing on the sky deck in the middle of the sea, or drinking a cocktail on the side deck and watching the sunset; these moments are unparallelled to say when you do it at the resort.

2. Encourage interaction 

Holding a yacht retreat is easier to involve everybody – the open environment leaves no chance for individuals to idle around by themselves. This also means you can take the chance to welcome newcomers and interact with those who are usually quiet in the office. 

In a medium to big-sized companies, employees seldom work with people from the other departments. Perhaps you’ve seen colleagues at the pantry but never got a chance to ask for their names. A yacht retreat creates a great environment and opportunity to make new friends and mingle with colleagues from other departments. It’ll also help to bring colleagues closer, enhancing camaraderie in the company. 

Yacht parties would be even more fun for smaller companies. Considering how everyone already knows each other, you can create even more memories together.

3. Create an open environment

You and your colleagues may not have had the chance to interact much during working hours. But a relaxing yacht retreat creates an environment for everyone to interact comfortably, making it easier for people in the management roles to drop formalities too. 

Cruise in Singapore waters and witness the magnificent skyline in the evening
Cruise in Singapore waters and witness the magnificent skyline in the evening

How to plan for company corporate retreat on a yacht?

There are many things to take note when organising a retreat. From brainstorming on team-bong activities to coming up with a suitable itinerary for everyone, it can get pretty time-consuming and stressful.

Yachtly is a platform that can provide seamless booking and event planning services. For a start, the simple and easy-to-use website allows you to find a yacht suitable for your occasion conveniently. In just a few steps, you can get a yacht booked and ready to go.

Step 1: Pick an occasion

Picking the right occasion can help to narrow down appropriate boats for your event. In this case, you can select ‘corporate event’. 

Step 2: Choose a date and time

This is to ensure that the yachts you find are available for selection. 

Our yachts usually cruise two to three times a day in predetermined time slots – one in the morning, and another in the afternoon and evening. Each booking entitles you to a 4-hour block.

If you wish to decorate the boat beforehand, up to half an hour can be allotted. Should you need more time, you can book the yacht for an extended time at additional fees.

Step 3: Indicate the number of guests 

This is important because you wouldn’t want your colleagues crammed up with barely enough space to walk onboard. It’ll be helpful to have everyone RSVP before you book a yacht. 

Do note that each yacht is certified for a set maximum of people onboard. The bigger your company, the bigger the yacht will need to be. You may charter more than one yacht if you’re hosting more than 55 guests.  

Step 4: Select add-ons

Some yachts have value-added services, such as food and beverages, as well as water activities. If they are available for the yacht you’ve chosen, you can get these services at a nominal fee. We can also help to decorate the yacht to enhance the atmosphere. 

Book a charter and get ready to sail the high sea of Singapore.

Choosing the right yacht for your corporate retreat

The size of the yacht you’re chartering is probably the most important things to note. 

You wouldn’t want your colleagues getting all uncomfortable being crammed up on the boat. Also, different yachts offer different facilities. A bigger crowd may require a broader range of facilities to cater to everyone.

Depending on the size of your company, we’ve picked a few yachts that you can consider.

If you’re organising a yacht retreat for a small company, here are our top few yachts you can consider:

BoatStarting rateMin. bookingLengthUp to
Popeye$5764 hrs36 ft10 guests
Lagoon 400$6494 hrs40 ft 18 guests
Clipper Heritage$7504 hrs4 ft 18 guests
Sealine F52$10004 hrs45 ft18 guests
Integrity 55$15004 hrs55ft23 guests
Leopard 39$13494 hrs43 ft28 guests
Kingdom$9884 hrs53 ft35 guests
Lagoon 620$35504 hrs62 ft37 guests
Sunreef Sumpreme 68$42004 hrs63 ft50 guests
ANKA$29504 hrs75 ft 55 guests

If you’re organising a yacht retreat for a small company, here are the top few yachts from our lineup you can consider:


– Starting at $576 for 4 hours
– 36ft long private boat
– Accommodates up to 10 guests

Lagoon 400

– Starting at $649 for 4 hours
– 40ft long private boat
– Accommodates up to 18 guests

Clipper Heritage

– Starting at $750 for 4 hours
– 45ft long private boat
– Accommodates up to 18 guests

Medium-sized companies can consider these yachts which have more facilities onboard:

Integrity 55

– Starting at $1500 for 4 hours
– 55ft long private boat
– Accommodates up to 23 guests

Leopard 39

– Starting at $1349 for 4 hours
– 43ft long private boat
– Accommodates up to 28 guests


– Starting at $988 for 4 hours
– 53ft long private boat
– Accommodates up to 35 guests

For larger-sized companies, we have a range of yachts that offers entertainment facilities and ample space for everyone:

Lagoon 620

– Starting at $3550 for 4 hours
– 62ft long private boat
– Accommodates up to 37 guests

Sunreef Supreme 68

– Starting at $4200 for 4 hours
– 63ft long private boat
– Accommodates up to 50 guests


– Starting at $2950 for 4 hours
– 75ft long private boat
– Accommodates up to 55 guests

A typical itinerary for these yachts consists of cruising around Southern Island, or to Lazarus Island before dropping anchor for water activities.

Lovers of watersports can go snorkelling, kayaking, and fishing. However, for safety reasons, these activities will not be available for night charters. Guests can get to catch the sunset and fireworks at Sentosa instead.

If you’re not keen on the itineraries planned, you may contact us to customise the type of activities you’d like to organise.

Alternatively, you can work with the captain on the sequence of activities. 

Plan activities according to the goal of your company retreat

It’s good to plan a couple of activities so your colleagues don’t feel restricted. 

Some activities that Yachtly offers include barbequing, singing karaoke, snorkelling, kayaking and fishing. If there are not enough water toys, you can request to rent for more.

However, we understand that not all activities are feasible in a large crowd. Retreats are aimed at forging tighter bonds between colleagues, so the type of activities you’re planning would heavily depend on the goal of your retreat. 

If you’re looking to organise a relaxing yacht party, games like charades and scavenger hunt are great corporate team bonding activities. You can also include barbeque as an activity to encourage interactions. 

These are popular activities to consider for your corporate retreat:


Charades is a great game to use as a team-building activity – it involves acting out words or phrases written on a slip of paper/card, and lots of silliness.

The objective of the game is for the team to guess as many accurate answers as possible. The team with the most number of correct answers wins.

Charades is a popular game to play during gatherings because it often ends with laughter and cheers.

Scavenger hunt 

Scavenger hunt involves finding a list of hidden items. The list will be given to you at the start of the game, and people will gather in smaller teams find them. To win the game, simply be the fastest team to find all the objects.

While it may be a little chaotic to play the game onboard, it’s still feasible, especially amongst a smaller company.

However, the only downside is that the game master needs to arrive early to prepare before everyone else comes onboard. 

Gift exchange

Company retreats are usually held in at the end of the year. 

This would give you a good enough reason to leverage on Christmas to hold a gift exchange. 

Colleagues can take the chance to leave a good impression on someone else by getting a well-thought-out gift. 

Award ceremony 

What are competitions without prizes? 

Hold an award ceremony near the end of the event. It gives the teams more incentives to actively participate in the games prepared. 

More importantly, the director of the company can reward his or her employees for their hard work. Such acknowledgements will significantly boost the team’s morale to work even harder. 

How Yachtly can help you plan your corporate retreat

There’s a lot that goes behind the scenes to make the event successful. If you’ve been a part of the planning committee, you’ll know how stressful it can be. 

From budgeting and liaising with the vendors to planning games for the company, one can only imagine how much work is involved. But fret not, Yachtly can help to lighten the load for you. 

Whether you need help to organise games, cater food and beverages, or liaise with external vendors, we’re able to do all these for you. Want a DJ? We’ll find you one. Need help in catering for halal food? You can leave it to us too. 

Have questions? Head over to our FAQs page to clear your doubts!

Before you start planning your corporate retreat, here are some useful tips.

1. Plan ahead 

Yachtly usually gets a high volume of charters during the year-end season, so it’d be great if you and your team can plan early. In case of unforeseen circumstances, it wouldn’t be too late to make changes either. 

Most importantly, confirm the number of guests attending. The size of the event will influence the type and size of yacht you’re chartering.

2. Ask for your colleagues’ opinions 

What better way to know how an ideal retreat looks like than to ask your colleagues. 

Get a few suggestions from them and look out for activities that bring excitement. Those will be the activities that you want to include as part of the programme.

3. Choose the right time slot

While mornings are cooling, not everyone likes to wake up early and head to a party. Afternoons are great for sun-seekers too, but remember to check the weather forecast in case it gets unpleasantly hot. 

You can also consider evening charters, which provides you with the perfect backdrop to take Insta-worthy pictures.

4. Schedule enough time

Although Yachtly offers time slots in 4-hour blocks, you can request to extend the duration of the charter. 

However, this also depends on the types of activities you’re planning. For example, water activities may take up 1 to 2 hours. The rest of the time may be used for team games and eating. But if you want more time onboard to say sing karaoke or play card games, it’ll be advisable to extend the rental time. 

Holding a yacht retreat will give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And it’ll be the talk of the office for the next week when you return. 

Check out our rental guide if you’re interested in renting a yacht for other occasions.