Choosing the right yacht for the right occasion can be a tad challenging, especially if it’s the first time you’re renting one and you don’t know much about yachts. Like, what does a “catamaran yacht” even mean? 

And what’s the difference between a catamaran and a monohull? 

Let us walk you through everything you need to know about catamarans. 

What’s the definition of a catamaran? 

Essentially, a catamaran is a type of yacht that has 2 hulls parallel to each other and is joined by a frame. 

It’s also one of the 2 main types of yachts available on Yachtly, with the other type being a monohull. As the name suggests, monohull is a single-hull yacht. 

What’s good about a catamaran?

infographic about catamaran yachts
A catamaran yacht is known for being fast, stable and spacious.

A catamaran can navigate in the sea easily due to the engines in each hull. Because of this, it’s known to be faster, more stable, and spacious than a monohull. 

Plus, the main living space of a catamaran is above the water level, so you get to enjoy better ventilation and view onboard. 


In general, catamarans are noted for being faster than monohulls, especially on downwind runs, reaches, and broad reaches. They have less water resistance, with most of them able to sail at speeds of 20% to 50%. This makes them faster than monohulls of similar length. 

Very stable 

What gives catamarans an edge over monohulls is its stability. 

Given the twin-hull configuration, they don’t rock as much as monohulls do. So if you’re bringing children and the elderly onboard, a catamaran is the ideal type of boat to rent. 

Plus, catamarans are less prone to the effects of the wave action, making it easier for you and your guests to walk around the deck and the interior of the catamaran while it’s sailing. You won’t feel the wave motion as much too, even if you’re prone to seasickness. 

If you’ve bought a lot of food and drinks onboard a catamaran, you can be sure that you won’t spill any of them either, since the boat won’t heel (lean over) more than 5 degrees

Very spacious

Whether it’s a big or a small catamaran, its twin-hull layout makes it more spacious than a monohull. 

Planning to invite a large group of people for your boat party? You might want to rent a catamaran. 

As the space in catamarans is maximised for the entire length of the boat, they make for roomier boats than monohulls. 

For starters, the large space between the hulls is utilised for the saloon and galley. The cabins are also more spacious than those found in monohulls. 

Sailing catamarans usually come with fabric nets that stretch across the hulls and frames as well. These “trampolines” provide a nice area for you and your guests to lounge on the deck and enjoy the sea breeze. 

Another good thing about catamarans is that they provide more privacy than monohulls, especially since the cabins are located further away from the main living space. The large space between the hulls creates a sound buffer for the cabins located inside the hulls. 

In case you want to get some rest, you can head over to the cabin and sleep without getting interrupted by your friends’ singing at the top of their lungs in the main living space. 

Shallow draft

Another plus point about a catamaran is that it can approach and anchor in shallower waters, so you won’t have to worry that it might run aground, unlike a monohull. 

As it usually draws less than 3 foot, it can easily dock closer to the shore. This also means that you’ll be able to enjoy a safer and more comfortable anchorage. 

Easier to manoeuvre   

With 2 engines and rudders in each hull, it’s easier to navigate and dock a catamaran. Additionally, it can also do a 360-degree turn within its own length. 

The downsides of a catamaran

Do take note, though, that there are a few disadvantages to sailing with catamarans. 

Tendency to pitchpole

Although catamarans are much steadier in rough waters and less likely to capsize than monohulls, they’re more likely to pitchpole. It’s also harder to sail a catamaran upwind (this is called tacking).  

More prone to water-slapping

Due to the bridge deck that’s strapped between the 2 hulls, catamarans are more prone to water-slapping while in heavier seas. The water-slapping can be minimised by reducing sail, but this also means that the boat will go slower. 

Less feedback from the wheel

Another thing about a catamaran is that the person steering won’t get the same amount of feedback from the wheel as compared to a monohull. 

This means that being extra vigilant when sailing in rough seas and high winds is crucial. 

But if you’re renting a yacht on Yachtly, you won’t have to worry about this since the catamaran rental comes with a crew who will be steering the boat. 

Despite these disadvantages, catamarans are very steady in general. If you’re renting one, you can rest assured that it will remain upright even when you’re sailing in strong winds and rough seas. 

Plus, their spacious layout makes it perfect for huge gatherings. 

The types of catamarans on Yachtly

We have 2 main types of catamarans available for rent through Yachtly: 

  • Power catamarans
  • Sailing catamarans

The main difference between these 2 types is that power catamarans rely on engines, while sailing catamarans have the additional feature of being propelled by the wind. 

Do take note that sailing catamarans also come equipped with motors, in case there’s no wind to power the sails. 

In general, power catamarans are faster. If you’re renting a boat only for the minimum duration of 4 hours and plan to hop to a few islands quickly, you might want to rent a motor yacht. 

But if you prefer a quiet and peaceful sail, it’s better to rent a sailing yacht. 

Want to know more about the difference between a power yacht and sailing yacht? Check out our guide on how to choose the right boat! 

With that, here are a few catamarans, categorised based on price, that you can consider for your next sail with Yachtly. 



Exterior view of Kingdom
Its huge capacity and cheaper rental makes it value for money

Not only is Kingdom one of the cheaper catamarans available on Yachtly, it’s also one of the more spacious ones. With its large outdoor deck space and spacious interior, you can still host a large group of people onboard even if you’re on a budget. 

Capacity30 guests
TypePower catamaran
Starting price (min. 4 hours rental)$1,080
Key amenities onboard– Kayak
– Sound system
– Inflatable float


Leopard 39 Power Cat – Victoria

Exterior view of Leopard 39 Power Cat
Its wooden furnishings give the interior of the boat a cosy atmosphere

If you’re planning to have a staycation onboard a yacht, perhaps you might want to consider renting this boat. For a start, its wooden furnishings give the interior a cosy atmosphere, so it’s perfect for overnight stays. 

Complete with a dining table and a sofa, this catamaran is also ideal for a nice family dinner in the middle of the sea. 

Capacity28 guests
TypePower catamaran
Starting price (min. 4 hours rental)$1,349
Key amenities onboard– Kayak
– Sound system
– Inflatable float

Premium Plus

Lagoon 620 – Jyohana

Exterior view of Lagoon 620
With 4 cabins, Lagoon 620 is one of the most spacious catamarans on Yachtly

For something more extravagant and spacious, you can consider renting the Lagoon 620. 

Besides having 4 cabins, this boat has a lot of seating areas in the interior and outdoor space. 

Want to chill and enjoy the sea breeze? Head out to the upper-level flybridge. The area comes with a bimini (a canvas cover, supported by metal frames, for the cockpit) and sun pads for you to relax and soak up the sun.  

Capacity37 guests
TypeSailing catamaran
Starting price (min. 4 hours rental)$3,550
Key amenities onboard– City skyline cruise
– Kayak
– Karaoke

There you go! If you’re hosting a party for a large group of people onboard a yacht, be sure to check out our catamarans. 

Not only do they have plenty of space for activities onboard, but they’re also very stable too. 

So if you have guests that are prone to motion sickness, you can assure them that they won’t feel the wave motion as much while onboard a catamaran. 

Finding a wedding venue in Singapore? Why not celebrate your special day on a yacht!