Whether you’re talking about a house party or a yacht party through a yacht charter, there are many reasons to hold a party in Singapore. 

You can hold parties for birthdays, anniversaries, post-exam celebrations, hens and stag nights – you name it, there’s an occasion for it. 

You can even hold a party for no occasion at all – perhaps you just want to get everyone together for a great time. 

But then the question is, how do you go about ensuring a party is great? 

Before we dive into how you can have an awesome yet affordable party on a yacht, let’s take a quick look at what it takes to have an amazing party. 

How do you plan a great party in Singapore?

Good company aside, every party revolves around these few key offerings: food, drink, and a space for activities and games. 

Most of the time, the main draw isn’t actually the food and drink, but the location and activities. After all, that’s what sets apart a party from a meet-up at a hawker centre.

You’ll need to ensure that there’s a decent range of activities, so there’s something for everyone.

What’s more, location matters. In sunny Singapore, a party at MBS is likely to be well-received by almost everyone – if they don’t have to pay a bomb for the room. 

Perhaps you also want to earn that extra clout and really impress your friends with a party to remember.

If you want to have a party that ticks all these boxes, why not consider a yacht party?

What are the advantages of doing a yacht charter for a yacht party

Whether you’re trying to put together a hen’s night or planning an enjoyable day out for your family, here are the top reasons why you should do a yacht party.

It’s unique

How often do you see people posting about parties in hotel rooms or clubs? In comparison, how often do you see people posting about their yacht party?

The appeal of a yacht party is undeniable, and will often be met with awe and envy. With plenty of unique sights to see, a yacht party helps to garnish your social media pages with plenty of likes! 

It also acts as a good getaway from city life.

It’s memorable

Keen photographers will get to take exceptional shots of key Singapore attractions 

There’s something inexplicably mesmerising about being on a boat circling around the coast of Singapore. 

Who wouldn’t go on to remember the calming waters, the multitudes of activities, and a barbeque right in the middle of the ocean? 

You can’t get such an experience anywhere else, and you’ll be sure to remember this exciting getaway for a really long time. 

Tons of Instagram-worthy moments 

You can show your friends the Marina Bay Sands from a different perspective, or update your Tinder profile picture with the stunning backdrop of a fiery sunset.

Or how about a picture of you looking like a private chef at the barbeque grill, with the ocean at your back? 

If you’re taking a night yacht, another Instagram-worthy moment could be the fireworks show at Sentosa’s Wings of Time. 

Really, the pictures that you can take onboard a yacht are limited only by your imagination.

Looking for the cheapest yacht rental? We probably have it

Most people think that a yacht charter in Singapore will cost a bomb, and that they’re something that only the very rich can enjoy. 

Well, that’s not the case at all.

If you’re looking for the cheapest yacht rental in Singapore, we have yacht charters that will meet your budget.

You can pick your own yacht depending on your budget, with the cheapest yacht booking starting at around $400. Yes, you heard that right. 

For a $500+ yacht charter, there’s kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding for your guests to take part in, while the ones who prefer to stay dry can enjoy the on-board karaoke. 

The itinerary is nothing to sneeze at either. Starting from the Southern Islands, guests will cruise from the Marina to places such as Kusu, St Johns, and Sisters Islands before anchoring at Lazarus.

These basic amenities, which also includes a fridge and ice box, are all included in the price, along with the fuel, captain, and the crew. This means that there are no hidden fees or additional costs to what is given.

If you have additional budget to spare, you can charter Clipper Heritage – No Name One. This yacht has all the offerings that the aforementioned charter has, but also comes with fishing rods and snorkeling masks.

Lots of activities for everyone

These are some of the activities on board most yachts, with some of them dependent on the yacht charter time.


Karaoke is a great way for people to bond, and it’s no surprise that most yacht charters come with a karaoke sound system onboard. 

If you don’t want to get wet, a karaoke would still be a fantastic way to enjoy your time with your friends.


Fishing’s not for everyone, that’s for sure. It’s widely regarded as a time-consuming activity that you need to have a lot of patience for. 

However, if you’re fishing together with your buddies, it becomes a lot less boring. 

If additional fishing rods are needed, you can request them from us.

Banana Boat

Our banana boats can fit up to 4 people, and is towed by a jet-ski. 

All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the sun and sea while you ship on the waves with your friends!


Kayaking is a little different from riding a banana boat. 

It’s a group activity that involves coordinated paddling, whether it’s in pairs or larger groups. For a little more excitement, you can hold little races as a competition.


Singapore might not be the first choice for people to go snorkelling, but there is an appeal to a group snorkelling session with your friends that negates the need for an underwater scenery.

If you have a way to take underwater shots, you can also take advantage of it to take plenty of unique photos.

Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is a splendid activity for thrill seekers. 

High speeds and rocky waves are a great way to feed one’s adrenaline, and it’s bound to provide an enjoyable boost to your party. 

You can also form teams and hold mini races around the ocean.

Inflatable floats

For those who aren’t thrill seekers, inflatable boats are a good way to pass the time while still soaking up the sun. 

You can get a tan, grab some drinks, and just float around in the ocean while playing cards.

Card games

If you enjoy staying indoors, you can request for a deck of cards from our crew. Alternatively, you can also take part in games such as charades, or pictionary. These games will keep you entertained while still keeping dry.

Enjoy a feast out on the ocean

Barbeques are a must-have at parties, whether or not you’re holding one on a marine yacht. 

That’s why we make sure to cover all your barbeque needs by providing plenty of food. For safety reasons, only the crew is allowed to cook your food.

For an additional $24 per pax, we can provide a selection of raw and marinated meats for your barbeque, along with finger food, snacks, drinks, and supplies such as paper plates and cutlery. 

The barbeque items provided for 12 persons are as follows:

ItemQuantityItem Quantity
Raw marinated BBQ

Cooked food/ finger food/ starters

Chicken mid-wing & drumlet combo30pcsFried large bee hoonFor 15-18 pax
Jumbo chicken chopAbout 1kgFried cinnamon churros with chocolate dip30 pcs
Raw chicken jumbo satay20 sticksChocolate brownies12 pcs
Satay sauce400gFried fish balls20 pcs
Sea prawns (medium/large)1 box 400g

Sambal stingray5 mini packsDesserts/ drinks
Sambal sotong5 mini packsIce cream puff30 pcs
Sweet corn in foil10 pcsCoca Cola24 cans
Crabsticks16 pcs

Chicken hotdogs10 pcsAccessories & services
Chicken cheese meatballs12 pcsCutlery pack (tongs, plates, spoons, forks, thrash bags)1 pack
Whole garlic bread loaf10 slicesPaper serviettes100 sheets
Raw classic otak-otak (Spicy)20 pcsBBQ brush1 pc

A4 disposable aluminium traySet of 3

Buttercup margarine1

Foam box with 5kg ice pack1 box

The activities and amenities offered differ from yacht to yacht.

Do note, however, that if you’re planning to invite many guests, you might have to look for a larger yacht in order to have enough space for all your activities. 

For a small fee, Yachtly can team you up with facilitators if you require help with planning events and activities. If you need additional floats or water toys, such as fishing rods or snorkels, all you have to do is to send your requests to us, and we’ll do what we can to assist you.

However, hiring a facilitator will affect your headcount, as every yacht is only geared to fit a certain amount of people.

What are the yacht recommendations?

Here are some of the key factors you’ll have to consider if you’re thinking of doing a yacht charter for a yacht party.


You first have to decide how much you are willing to spend on the party. 

If you fancy a certain yacht charter, but are unable to afford it, continuing to plan for a party will only be a waste of time.

Fortunately, here at Yachtly we provide some of the cheapest yachts in Singapore for you to book. 

Number of people

The number of people you intend to invite to your party will greatly influence the size of the yacht you intend to charter. 

Obviously, a larger party will require a larger yacht, while a smaller party can make do with a sleeker craft. 

Type of yacht

At Yachtly, you can get either monohull (single-hull) or catamaran (twin-hull) yachts.

Monohull yachts 

Monohull yachts are yachts with a single hull. They’re highly manoeuvrable, and can slice through the water easily. They’re fitting for people who enjoy the adrenaline rush of speedy vessels, and the highly adventurous.

Catamaran yachts

Catamaran yachts consist of two hulls joined by a frame. 

Some of the key characteristics of catamaran yachts are that they’re more stable compared to monohull yachts, more spacious, and less susceptible to wave action. This makes them highly suitable for the young and elderly alike.

Those who are prone to seasickness will fare much better on a catamaran.

If you want to dive into the details, this page provides an in-depth explanation of the benefits and drawbacks of the two types of yachts.

The yachts that we recommend

From fishing to water trampolines, our yachts have activities that are sure to ensure a great time for everyone. 

Here are some of our recommendations for the more popular yachts.

Smaller events

Yachts like The Clipper Heritage, No Name One, which can accommodate up to 18 guests at a time, are suitable for parties which require less space. 

However, less space on a yacht does not necessarily translate to it being cramped; water toys are still available for people to play with on the ocean.

The yacht also has amenities such as kayaks, snorkels, fishing rods, and water trampolines. 

Larger events

For events that have a higher headcount, yachts such as the Lagoon 620, JYOHANA are one of the largest yachts that we have to offer. 

At 62 ft, the Lagoon 620, JYOHANA can accommodate up to 37 guests, and houses an open-plan saloon, alfresco dining options, as well as a generous amount of outdoor space. 

This makes it suitable for large scale parties and themed events. It’s also fully air-conditioned, so that you can book an afternoon out at sea without sweating on the deck.

For those who want some sun, sun pads are available on the upper level, complete with a bimini top (a type of shelter for yachts).

All-rounder events

If you need to book a yacht quickly, but are unsure if you need more room, the Aquila 48 Catamaran is a safe, yet solid choice that can hold up to 30 guests. 

As a catamaran yacht, it is resistant to wave motion, and would thus be well-fitting for those who get seasick easily.

The Aquila 48 Catamaran features plenty of shaded areas from the sun, and a large entertainment and dining area upon the flybridge. 

This flybridge is also where you can access the electric barbeque and wet bar.

How to do your yacht booking with Yachtly

Organising a yacht party is simple. All you have to do is to follow these steps, starting from our homepage.

Rent a yacht for any occasion

Step 1. Click on ‘Get Started Now’

This will take you to the booking page.

Choose an occasion category to get started

Step 2. Click on ‘Parties/Gatherings’

For a more customised party, you can click on the ‘Customised Occasion’ page to create an itinerary that’s tailored to your liking. 

Check out what’s included in your selected occasion

Step 3. Click on ‘Pick This Occasion’

After you’ve read through the various offerings, scroll down to the bottom, where a summarised list of the provided offerings can be found. 

If you’re satisfied with your chosen itinerary, click on the ‘Pick This Occasion’ button, where you will be led to the next page.

Indicate which year and month you’d like to sail

Step 4. Select the month

This page is where you can select the date that you wish to set sail.

First, choose the desired month or year that you wish to book your yacht.

Select your preferred date

Step 5. Choose the date

After you have chosen your month/year, all that’s left is choosing the day. 

When that is confirmed, click on ‘Next’.

Boats will be recommended based on the number of guests

Step 6. Indicate the number of guests

You will be brought to a page where you can choose the number of guests you want to invite. 

The availability of yachts that you can choose from will be determined by the number of guests you wish to bring onboard. 

If the headcount of your guests are yet to be confirmed, you can set a higher number of guests first. 

Once you have decided on your headcount, click on ‘Next’ to go to the reservations page.

Choose your preferred yacht

Step 7. Choose from the recommended yachts

The ‘Reservations’ page is where you can choose your yacht. 

Different yachts have different docking locations. 

If you wish to book the Leviathan 88, you’ll have to head to ONE ̊15 Marina Club to board it, while the Carver 43 – Sgyacht can be boarded from the Marina at Keppel Bay.

Once you have selected your yacht, click on it to proceed with your booking. 

Select your start time

Step 8. Select your duration

You’ll then arrive at the ‘Duration’ page. 

Here, you can look at the recommended itinerary, the facilities that are onboard your chosen yacht, and any other details about the boat. 

You can also look at the reviews that other people have left.

Select your end time

Step 9. Choose your preferred start and end time

Keep in mind that there is a minimum four-hour booking rule, and that prices may vary according to the time of the day.

After you’ve chosen your desired time slot, click ‘Proceed to Choose My Add-Ons’ to head to the next page.

Choose your add-ons

Step 10. Select your Add-Ons

The ‘Add-Ons’ page is where you can choose to enhance your yacht experience with amenities.

The minimum order is for 12 pax, and is inclusive of accessories and cutlery.

If you do not want to purchase any add-ons, you can skip this step and click on ‘Request To Book’ to finalise your booking.

Fill in your contact details and send in your booking request

Step 11. Confirm your booking

The last step of your booking is where you fill in your personal details, or simply login if you have an existing Yachtly account. 

Submit your information to Yachtly, and your booking is done. 

If you need more information regarding renting a yacht, you can check out our FAQ here. Feel free to contact us for event planning as well. 

Aside from parties, we also host events for corporate retreats. Find out more here!