Boats or yachts, in general, are often thought of as commodities that only rich people get to enjoy. Things are quite different now, though. Boat rental has become a lot more accessible in recent years. You can rent a really nice boat for what it would probably cost you for a chalet staycation.

There are a lot of boats for rent out there, and here on Yachtly, we have quite the selection for you to choose from. While our system can suggest the best yachts for any given event, in case you’d like to learn more about each kind of boat, you’ve come to the right place.

The history of the yacht 

A yacht, or otherwise commonly known as boat, is a type of watercraft often used for recreation or sports, such as racing. 

The word “yacht” is derived from the Dutch word jacht which means “hunt”, as it referenced lightweight sailing vessels used by the Dutch navy to chase down pirates and other transgressors in their waters. 

Nowadays, yachts are used almost exclusively for leisure.

In the past, yachts were made of wood or steel, while modern-day yachts tend to be made of fibreglass, aluminium, steel or carbon fibre. Wooden hulls are less common and are mostly used by hobbyists when building individual boats. 

Types of boat rental in Singapore

Boats come in two main categories – they can be monohulls, or multi-hull, which include catamarans and trimarans. They can either be powered by sails, or an onboard motor. 

On Yachtly, most boat rental you’ll find are catamarans, with some monohulls.

Hull types

Monohulls are boats with a single hull – this hull design is one of the most common forms that boats take, and are typically equipped with a keel below the waterline to counterbalance the turning force of the wind on the vessel. This keel can be fixed or adjustable. 

Catamarans are a type of multi-hull boat that feature two hulls of equal size lined up parallel to each other. These additional hulls provide stability to these boats so they can remain upright in strong winds. These boats can also be sail or motor powered. 

Catamarans have two engines, one in each hull, which makes them easier to navigate with. They also have high water resistance, and are much steadier in rough waters and are difficult to capsize. 

However, they tend to pitchpole and can be challenging to tack.

3 sailing yachts sailing across the sea
Sailing boats have a classic beauty to them

Sail powered

Sailing boats move by using sails as their primary means of propulsion and are actively used in sports such as racing. 

They also come equipped with motors onboard to use in scenarios where there’s no wind to power the sails. They range in size, from 6 metres to over 70 metres, although most are about 10 metres in length. 

Smaller sailing boats are designed for daily use, and usually don’t come equipped with cabins. Slightly larger ones at 9 metres are single-masted and have a simple cabin, with a saloon area and some bed-space. 

Larger boats can feature multiple cabins and toilets, and a saloon area with galley space.

motor yacht cruising crossing the sea
Motor boats get you to places fast and in comfort

Motor powered

Motor boats in comparison use engines as their primary mode of propulsion and their engines are usually powered by either diesel or gasoline. The larger the boat and the faster it can go, the more fuel it will require. 

These boats are ideal if you want to cover larger distances in a shorter time. 

However, if the winds are too strong, motor boats usually remain in port since they aren’t really equipped to cruise in rough weather. 

infographic on how to choose the right boat rental
Learn how to choose the right boat for your rental

Sailing boats versus motor boats

There is some debate over which boat type is better, but personal preferences and the boat’s main purpose play a big part in it.

The Pros of Sailing Boats

More environmentally friendly

Sailing boats rely primarily on the wind for power.

Though most of them will have small engines on board for use in lull periods when there’s not enough wind and for docking purposes, their fuel consumption is markedly lower than those of motor boats.

No real limit on travel time and distance

If you’ve got plans to sail out for very long distances, perhaps even to a different country, then your only option will be a sailing boat. 

A motor boat’s travel time is limited by how much fuel it can carry.

Costs less to sail

Because a sailing boat relies on the wind, they use significantly less fuel than motor boats and thus cost less to sail and upkeep.


Since sailing boats don’t rely on an engine to cruise, they’re much quieter and passengers get to enjoy the sounds of the sea and wind.

Great for the adventurous

Sailing boats are the ultimate for the yachting enthusiasts – there is nothing quite like being on the deck of a sailing yacht when it’s cutting through the water with sails full of wind. 

The Cons of Sailing Boats

Less space on board

Due to the shape of the hull, masts and sails, these boats have less space on, and below deck. 

A motor boat of the same size will have more space than a sailing one.

Reliance on wind

Because the wind is the boat’s main source of power, if the weather decides to be uncooperative, you may have to make changes to your plans.

More difficult to sail

A sailing boat requires more skill and experience to navigate since you can’t just turn the engine on and set off. 

You’ll need to understand how the wind and tides affect your boat, and how to use the equipment on board.

The Pros of Motor Yachts

More spacious

Motor boats have a lot more space, both on deck and on the inside. 

They also feature more amenities, like cabins, stand-up galleys and even entertainment systems.

Higher travelling speeds

If you need to get somewhere quickly, you’ll want a motor boat. 

Sailing boats will clock in at a max of 7 knots, whereas motor yachts can go as high as 15 to 20 knots, if the weather permits.

Easier to cruise on

Motor boats aren’t as tricky to sail as sailing boats, since they rely on their engines to overcome any environmental factors that might cause delays. 

Easier to dock with

Since motor boats don’t sit too deep in the water, they’re easier to dock in shallow waters and let you get closer to beaches and other waterways.

The Cons of Motor Boats

The sound of the engine

Motor boats need, well, their motors to move. These engines can get pretty loud, so if you’re looking for a quiet, leisurely cruise, these boats may not be for you.

Reliant on fuel

The boat will only go as far as the fuel tank allows. 

Not to mention that keeping that tank topped up can set you back a fair amount.

Engines can be expensive to upkeep

If the boat’s engines break down, repairing them is relatively costly. 

It’s recommended that you get the boat’s engines checked up regularly, just like a car’s.

Not particularly wind-friendly

Motor boats don’t handle wind, as well as sailing boats, do because of their shallower drafts and higher centre of gravity. 

Taking a charter in windy weather is more prone to being scary than fun.

What kind of boat rental should I rent for my event?

The first thing you’ll need to ask yourself is what your event will be about. 

For example, if you’re getting a boat rental for a wedding and solemnisation, a catamaran is highly recommended

Catamarans are among the most stable of sea vessels and are near impossible to capsize – plus, they’re not as susceptible to wave actions. This means that if you have very young or elderly guests, or guests who aren’t quite sea-worthy, this type of boat will be more suitable for them.

If on the other hand, you’re organising an outing with a bunch of thrill-seekers who want to feel the wind and sea-salt in their hair, then a monohull sailing boat is a better idea.

Now that you know the difference between a sailing boat and a motor boat, here are some boats we have listed on Yachtly. 

Boat Name TypeCapacityStarting Price (min. 4 hours)Amenities
Ocean Diva Sailing27 pax$1,600– TV
– Sound system
– Cooler boxes
– Kayak
– Stand-up paddleboard
XimulaSailing18 pax$1,200– Kayak
– Sound system
– Snorkeling masks
– Water mat 
Lagoon 620 JyohanaSailing37 pax$4,300– Snorkeling masks
– Sound system
– Kayak
– TV
– Stand-up paddleboard
PopeyeMotor10 pax$696– Fishing rods
– Sound system
– Stand-up paddleboards
– Inflatable floats
Leopard 47 – MikannaMotor33 pax$2,300– Stand-up paddleboard
– Sound system
– Snorkeling masks
– Kayak
SardiniaMotor37 pax$1,900– Sound system
– TV
– Kayak

You don’t need to be celebrating something to rent a yacht – you could get a boat rental simply to get away from the crowd if you wanted.

If you need more information on boat rental, you can check out our FAQ here. Feel free to contact us for event planning as well.