Phase 2 is finally here!

We have received numerous inquiries on the status of our yacht rentals in Singapore. We appreciate your enthusiasm in wanting to rent a yacht with us for your boat parties or yacht birthdays, but as a responsible yacht rental and boat charter business, we thought this Yacht Rental Guide for Phase 2 of the COVID-19 reopening in Singapore, will provide clarity on our services during this period (and beyond).

1: Pricing up till 31 July 2020

As a way to welcome our guests back to the waters, we have worked with yacht owners to provide up to 50% off the usual yacht charter prices, up till 31 July 2020, to keep pace with current Phase 2 developments. We anticipate (hopefully) more relaxed rules after that. If you like to book a yacht for August onwards, feel free to do so by submitting your Request to Book.

2: Allowing 5 Guests Onboard (Yes, even ROM and Weddings -.-)

Yacht rentals up till 31 July 2020 can only accommodate up to 5 guests at any one time regardless if you are chartering the gorgeous 50 pax Sunreef Supreme or the sporty Bayliner. As usual, guests include all souls onboard regardless of age, sex, race, colour, nationality, income… You get the drift 🙂

But what if you like to charter a yacht with more than 5 guests after 31 July 20? We ask for you to submit your Request to Book, and we will offer a no-questions-asked full refund should current situation prevails.

3: Taking Temperature as a Precaution.

Our crew will be taking everyone’s temperature prior to boarding. With safety in mind, we respectfully will deny guests to board if they are running a temperature ( > 37C). Should you feel unwell prior to your yacht charter, please Contact Us or reach your Captain immediately.

4: Implementing Safe Entry as a Tracking Mechanism.

Yeap, you heard it right. All yacht rentals are required by Maritime Port Authority of Singapore to implement Safe Entry. Since there is no identity scanner onboard, all guests boarding should bring along their mobile phones to check-in (and out).

We are keeping abreast with the latest developments as they are made available. Do Contact Us and express your interest!